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Casio Men’s A158WEA-9CF Casual Classic Digital Bracelet Watch

The Casio Men’s A158WEA-9CF Casual Classic Digital Bracelet Watch is a silver-toned watch that has a gold dial window made of mineral. It includes a digital dial with LED light, alarm and a 1/100-second watch. The entire watch is made of stainless steel and has a clasp to keep the watch in place. It boasts a 30-meter water resistance which I think doesn’t do much if you compare it to other Casio watches which have at least 40-meter water resistance. The instruction manual came with it said that it could withstand rain and splashes of water but not during submersion or even showering.

I’ve encountered my first problem with the watch when the strap was too large on me. I had to go to get it adjusted since I wouldn’t want to break it before I even got the chance to wear it. However, I’ve read reviews online that the sliding mechanism that can be used to adjust the watch can be released by using a screw driver. So, I guess it’s a plus when the size of the watch fits up to XL. The band width is around 18 mm.

On the watch, you will see the hour and minutes plus the seconds. It also shows the first two letters of the day today and the date, but does not show what year it is.

Setting up the watch is very easy. You don’t even have to read the instruction manual for this to function. You could try pressing the buttons on the side to activate the alarm, stopwatch or set the date and time.

I like how the watch is on the thin side and doesn’t catch on things. It does, however, catches the hair of my significant other at times, so it’s best you remove this when spooning.

I purchased the gold face of this watch because I thought it looked classy and would look nice in several occasions, as well as for everyday use. I think this isn’t ideal to use at the gym or for sportswear. I like how this gives a retro feel to it. It’s a simple and minimalist watch, which I believe in the saying “less is more”.

Some would complain about the size of the watch. They said it’s very small and could be a women’s size. Maybe the others are just used to wearing large watches like those of G-Shock or Timex sports watches. The Casio Men’s A158WEA-9CF Casual Classic Digital Bracelet Watch
Case diameter of the watch is 33 mm and the thickness is 8 mm. it’s neither too big, nor too small. Just the right size for you to quickly glance at the time and see it properly.

This watch is everything I need in a watch. If you don’t need a smart watch where you could send a text or answer a call, check your vital signs and all of that then this is for you. I’m completely contented with the Casio Men’s A158WEA-9CF Casual Classic Digital Bracelet Watch that simply gives me the date and time that I usually need to function in my everyday life (at least most of the time).