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Best Water Resistant Watches you must own

A watch is considered an essential element of people’s daily lives. It’s a personal item that each person has their own taste in design and style for it.

Because it is used on a daily base, it is bound to encounter some disasters especially splashes of water. These days, we can’t predict the weather. In the morning it’s extremely hot then come the afternoon where it’s raining cats and dogs.

It would be devastating to have drops of rain on a watch, especially if you’ve purchased it for a huge amount of money. Instead of purchasing an expensive watch that isn’t water resistant, why not opt for a watch that has water resistant features?

You don’t have to pay for a hefty amount of cash to purchase a quality water resistant watch, but knowing about which watch to buy, what to look out for in terms of quality, water resistance features, watch material and simply the signs of a quality waterproof watch in general, this article will help you choose which waterproof or water resistant watch to choose that will surely give you a bang for your buck.

Waterproof Watches vs. Water-Resistant Watches

Before we dive right into the selection of watches, let us first determine the difference between waterproof watches and water-resistant watches. Some would say that both are the same. Unfortunately, most of the people are wrong about it.

You would notice some watches are marked “water resistant up to 100 meters”, but that doesn’t mean you will try to swim 100-meter depth with it. Doing this can destroy the watch that way.

They know it is water resistant only because the watch has been tested once using static pressure on a newly-made watch and that is without even thinking or adding the rapid changes in water pressure, temperature of the ocean and other factors that would damage it.

For instance, when you see a watch that boasts 50 meters of water resistance, then you know you’re allowed to swim with it. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll wear it for the entire duration of the swim. You still need to minimize its exposure to the water. Most importantly, a 5-Atmosphere or 5-Bar watch should not be used when diving.

If you want a diving watch, you better choose a watch that has a 20-Bar or 200-Atmosphere, particularly, water resistant up to at least 200 meters. The table below will show you what the different resistance in meters and what they actually mean.

Use the guide above to aid you when selecting water resistant watches based on your activities.

Waterproof watches are safe to use underwater. From the word alone, there shouldn’t be a problem when you use them underwater. However, do take note that some products, while it may be fully protected from water, other waterproof watches may just be able to survive a short period of time. The quality of waterproof watches would have to depend on the makers.

Levels of Water Resistant Watches

To be able to find out if the water resistant watch has the ability to survive underwater, you have to find its Ingress Protection Rating scales or IP codes. Popularly known as “IP”, you will normally see these two letters with one or two other numbers, for instance, IP30. The purpose of the IP code is to provide you with detailed info about your watch aside from just “water resistant” and “non-water resistant”. Its goal is simply to educate you if the watch will survive if you accidentally drop it in the pool or if you shower with it.

The first number on the IP indicates your watch’s protection level against big particles like huge body parts to little bits of dust. The second number will show the watch’s protection level against liquid, for instance, fresh water. The highest level is 8, which means it can be submerged in water that is deeper than 1 meter. However, the actual level of depth is controlled by the maker of the watch.

To give you an idea, here are other levels and the object or size it is protected against:

Level 0 – not protected
Level 1 – protected from dripping water
Level 2 – protected from dripping water when tilted up to 15”
Level 3 – protected from spraying water
Level 4 – splashing water
Level 5 – water jets
Level 6 – powerful water jets
Level 7 – immersion up to 1 meter
Level 8 – immersion beyond 1 meter

Here are some of the best water resistant watches on the market:


Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Automatic Mens Watch H77605335

You might think that rubber is best when it comes to water-resistant or water-proof watches, but this Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Automatic watch is made of stainless steel case and stainless steel bracelet. It has a case diameter of 42 millimeters and case thickness of 12 millimeters. This is considered an Eco choice for those discerning consumers because of its self-winding automatic movement. This Hamilton watch boasts can hold up to 300 metres of water, which is known to be suitable for professional marine activities, diving and serious water sports. Many reviews said that the watch looks elegant and historical. Negative reviews practically don’t exist online for this watch.


Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch BN0085-01E

Citizen continues to make great watches and this Citizen Men’s Eco- Drive Promaster Diver Watch BN0085-01E is no exception.This is one of the best water resistant watch on the market. It is a ISO-certified divers watch
being water resistant up to 300m. This is great for those who love to go deep in the water and the band is made of rubber which also makes it appropriate for water adventures. The watch is very fashionable as it features Japanese quartz movement in analog style, unidirectional bezel, protective mineral crystal dial window and also a date window. It is solar powered which really shows this watch is great for the beach and outdoors in general. One downside is that if you exclusively like small watches then this may not be for you. Also, do not scuba dive in this watch for more than 2 hours. This should be more than adequate for the majority of divers though.


Seiko SSC019 Solar Diver Chronograph Watch

When you’re new to water-resistant watches, you won’t think that this watch is just for aesthetic purposes, because it features so many unbelievable things. This Seiko watch generates electricity with whatever light source there is, and we’re not just talking about the sun. A minute of exposure to the sun means you will have sixty minutes of charge, six months of autonomy in the dark. When the watch doesn’t have power, just stand under the sun for eight minutes, then it will restart. It can handle 200 metres of water which is suitable for recreational scuba diving. Seiko SSC019 is made of a stainless steel case and bracelet and a hardlex crystal. Another note: The watch seriously looks better in person than in their stock photos.


Luminox Men’s 3003 Original Navy Seal Dive Watch

A comfortable to wear men’s wrist watch that features a unique illumination system which glows a hundred times brighter compared to other luminous watches, making it the best choice for those low-light situations. The Luminox Men’s 3003 Navy Seal Dive Watch is a versatile timepiece which measures a 43 millimeter case. You will also love its polyurethane wristband which goes hand-in-hand by a buckle hook with a safety mechanism. It can resist a depth of 200 metres of water which is what most navy seals and pilots prefer. When it comes to batteries, you’ll have to replace it after two to three years. After plenty of abuse, it will continue to tick and would still be usable after years to come, according to reviews.


Men’s Seiko SKX007K

Divers watches are often preferred by men because of its style and not only because of its water resistance. If you’ve noticed, not most “diver’s watches” are made for scuba diving. When it comes to watches, Seiko has always delivered not just affordable diver watches, but watches in general. The Seiko SKX007K can resist water up to 200 meters. The case is made of stainless steel with a crystal watch face that shows luminescent markers. This watch doesn’t have any numbers on the face but has a huge dial. The markers very easy to read underwater. It doesn’t need a battery, hence, you won’t ever have to wind it. The inside is one of Seiko’s most popular, 7s26. While this is considered a great water resistant watch and amazing for water activities and recreational scuba diving, it shouldn’t be exposed to heat like steam and hot water.


Invicta Mens 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch

One of the most popular divers watch because it looks closely similar to the Rolex Submariner. The Invicta 8962 Pro Diver watch looks absolutely classy, making you look like you’re a proper gentleman. Some people would mistake this particular watch for a Rolex. A 40-millimeter diameter with 13-millimeter thickness and 20-millimeter width, the watch is made of stainless steel case and bracelet. It boasts a power preserve of 36 hours and a 200 metres water resistance depth. The Invicta 8962 would be best for those who play aquatic sports, fashion enthusiasts, politicians, even Olympic Games judges. If you’re looking for a watch that’s 100 times cheaper than Submariner, then this one’s your best choice. One of its cons is its difficult to rotate bezel frame.


Casio G-Shock Atomic Solar Watch

The watch is stylish enough in showing off your sense of fashion. The Casio G-Shock Atomic Solar Watch was made to become shock-proof and water resistant for up to 200 meters. It is lightweight and made of black and silver with a black resin band and features a multifunction alarm and a 1/100 second stopwatch. It can also automatically solar charge and because of that, the battery can last many years. There’s also a calendar feature which will show the day, date and month. The Casio G-Shock Atomic Solar Watch calibrates itself every night, so there’s no need to play around with the time. Freely beat the crap out of it. There’s also a luminescence which is handy at night and could even serve as a night light. One con about this watch is its band – it is not the strongest so do not go to World War 3 with it.


Casio Baby-G Vivid Color Gloss Watch

The Casio Baby-G Vivid Color Gloss Watch is a baby pink casual watch that has shock resistance, water resistance of up to 200 meters, an EL backlight with after-glow, the world time, stopwatch and a 12/24-hour format. It is made of resin which measures the case at 42.6 millimeters and has a buckle closure on the band. Because this is water resistant, it is suitable for marine activities and surface water sports. Unfortunately, the watch isn’t for scuba diving. Girls and women would definitely prefer this watch because of its lightweight and cute color.


Casio Men’s Black Analog Anti Reverse Bezel Watch

A very well-known watch to divers and budget-oriented watch enthusiasts is the Casio Men’s Black Analog Anti Reverse Bezel Watch. The watch is surely stunning for a diver and its advanages include its capabilities of deep-water adventures. The case is made of stainless steel that is large at 44 millimeter in diameter. The mater is made of crystal mineral and could be used under water for 200 meters. This Casio divers watch fits just right on the wrist. It will surely look good and feel like the same quality as the expensive watches. However, it does not look like an expensive watch.


Nixon Mission Action Sports Smart Watch A1167

The Nixon Mission Actions Sports Smartwatch is a cool water-resistant watch that you can connect with your phone. The look and feel of this watch is absolutely incredible. It looks nice and rugged than any of the popular smart watches. The patent pending MicLock allows you to take all of its android abilities in the water without having to worry about it. You can adjust the brightness of your screen easily, or have it adjusted automatically. To preserve the battery, you can turn off the notification. When the battery level drops on your phone, the watch will disconnect. It’s water resistance is up to 100 metres. This is not the most resistant and actually the least water resistant watch on this list. But, for a smartwatch this is one of the most water resistant you will get. I had to include a smartwatch on this list as they are becoming increasingly popular and they have their fan base. The most you can do with this though is snorkeling, no diving in this please! The weight is around 10.08 ounces with a case diameter of 50 millimeters. The size of the watch is big, compared to traditional watches and will give this one that military feeling. Under the sun, it could be difficult to see the screen, but with a few short presses on the button, you can adjust the brightness.

When you expose your watches to swimming pools which as chlorine, the sea which has salt and showering which includes soap and shampoo, make sure you always rinse it with fresh, clean water. You wouldn’t want to make your watch dry and brittle, right? Also, keep your divers watch away from strong detergents and solvents.