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Men’s Casio Anti-Magnetic G-Shock Watch Review

The Men’s Casio G-Shock Anti-Magnetic Resin Watch GA110LN-1A is my first ever sport watch. After months of owning this, I think it’s finally time to make a decent review. This is a great watch for the price. it’s a very nice watch for every day wear that won’t make me worry if I get dirt or scratch in it.

I’ve researched and compared this to different G-Shock Casio watches made and I must say that this is one of the most great-looking watches out there. Owning this in just a few months, I’ve gotten so many compliments from wearing it. I like how the hint of color gives the watch a good character and style.

There are different buttons to press on the watch. There’s a light button you could press so you could check the time, there’s an alarm button and a stopwatch button which would activate once you press their respective buttons.

Before purchasing, I’ve read reviews and watched Youtube videos about the Casio Anti-Magnetic G-Shock Watch. I’ve even seen one that had this run over by a truck and had it frozen. I’m happy to say that the watch, at the end of the video, was still working despite its battles. If it could withstand those, I’m sure this watch would last so many years to come.

You could never go wrong with this watch. It’s what you should really choose if you love the rugged look and feel of a G-Shock watch. I’m glad I bought a sports watch instead of a fancy one since I know I could wear this for every day and could make good use out of it.

I feel like this could be a great starter G-Shock watch for boys. I was thinking of getting my son this watch since he doesn’t own one. I’ll have to ask him what color he wants. I know he’s going to love it very much as well.

Pros of the Casio Anti-Magnetic G-Shock Watch:

·Includes a stop watch, an alarm, a 12/24-hour time display

·Digital display includes a backlight

·Hands of the analog clock is made of glow in the dark coating

·You can set different times on the watch.

·It is waterproof.

·More of a fashion statement watch than the usual digital watch

·Sturdy and no-fuss watch

·Cool-looking watch

·Very easy to set the date and time

·Made of rubberized border that protects the face

·Will make you look classy and rich but humble and low-profile

·Has a couple of color variations to choose from

·Can be used while showering, washing or running

·Shock-proof despite having it tossed and stepped on several times

·Long battery life

·The look of the watch is rugged

Cons of the Casio Anti-Magnetic G-Shock Watch:

·The backlight of the watch is not that bright

·Preferred the entire screen would light up instead of just a backlight