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Casio F91W Digital Sports Watch Review

I used to really love bulky watches since I think they’re very manly. I still wear them but I now prefer the Casio F91W-1 Classic Resin Strap Digital Sport Watch for everyday wear. I have watches ranging from $100 to $4000, but this watch is so understated. You’ll be lucky to catch this on sale from $11-$15.

The Casio F91W is a digital watch that’s comfortable and lightweight. It has a good light and the buttons are very easy to push. Its features include timer and an alarm. The display is not too big, nor too small. It shows you the time especially if you want to secretly look at how much more you need to endure before the boring meeting ends. Some of my co-workers said that this watch looks a bit dorky on me compared to the watches I used to wear, but I don’t mind. It’s a good buy.

Initially, I wanted to purchase a smart watch. My eyes were on the Apple Watch. After seeing its features and what it could do to improve my day-to-day life, it didn’t really impress me. I’m not the type of person who’s curious to check how many steps I take for the day because I know my iPhone could do that. I don’t have to shell out a few dollars to purchase a watch that my phone could do without the additional cost.

I like wearing this watch to the beach (it’s waterproof, sand-proof and salt-waterproof) and the pool (chlorine-waterproof). It just holds perfectly. I even used this in the shower and wash my hands with it every day and have no problems whatsoever.

The watch is reliable, a no-nonsense digital item. Upon receiving this, setting it up (adjusting the time and date, the use of the watch, etc.) was very easy. I didn’t have to read the instruction manual. It’s such a no-fuss watch that I’m thinking of getting a watch like this for my dad who’s a doctor. He’d love to own something like this where it’s effortless to maneuver and wouldn’t stick out from his wrist when he has a scheduled operation procedure.

What I don’t like about the Casio F91W Digital Sports watch is the light button which, at first, was confusing because it serves other functions in other modes, making it difficult to use when in the dark. The light is also quite dim and doesn’t do much in illuminating the time at night, nor in the early morning when I want to look at the time. I also want to mention that the beep sound is loud. If you enable the hourly beep, the sound will simply startle you so I suggest you just turn it off so you won’t disturb other people.


-The features and use of this watch is for those who want practicality.

-The price is too cheap to pass. Looking at it, the watch does look classy and sleek.

-Because of its weight, you won’t even feel that you have a wristwatch on.


-The light which can’t show the date and time in the dark.

-Light button has other functions and modes aside from it being just the light button.