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Casio Men’s A158WA-1 Digital Watch Review

The Casio Men’s A158WA-1 Digital Watch gives a geeky and retro vibe that completes my everyday work outfit. I work sometimes in the marketing of a clothing brand so every clothing and accessory I wear should either be minimalist and aesthetically pleasing or fashionably loud.

The watch features a 33mm plastic case, but the back portion is made of stainless steel. I chose the silver-tone that also has a bezel.

What I like about this watch is its classic and easy-to-read digital time keeping. It also shows what day it and the date, but not including the month and the year.

The backlight of this watch is brighter compared to the A1658W model. I need to be able to tell the time especially when we’re at a dark runway show and it’s too dark and I’m too conscious to check the time on my phone.

My girlfriend wanted this watch so sometimes when I don’t have to go to work, she would wear this. I believe this could pass as a unisex watch instead of categorizing it as just a men’s watch.

The watch has “water resist” written on it, but I wouldn’t want to try to swim it. I don’t trust this watch in this regard. Since the band is made of metal, so at first, you will definitely feel how it’s sharp. You’ll get used to it, though. Once the band breaks, so as this watch. However, for its price, you can simply buy a new one. It might take a long time to break if you’re careful with your things.

This watch has simply all the things I need for every day, timekeeping, day-keeping, stopwatch and alarm. Other functions on other watches aren’t very important to me, so I don’t care if that’s more expensive or stylish.

The face of the Casio Men’s A158WA-1 Digital Watch will show up a ton of fingerprints so it’s important that you steer clear of the face unless needed. You’re going to keep wiping it during or after you use it.

Some drawbacks is the light of the screen, which in my opinion, is weak. There are times that I find it difficult to check the time despite having the light source.

Another one is that when you’re spooning with your girl, the watch will tend to catch some of the hair and slowly rip them out. Who would ever appreciate that?

I also don’t like about the body is the plastic-coated metal. I think the advantages of this is to make it feel weightless, so I think that’s a plus for some. I always prefer my watches to feel a certain weight, but not too heavy that it would strain my wrist.

I’d like to make a side note that you can’t wear polarized sunglasses with this watch. It would be impossible to check the time at different angles, if not directly at view. However, if you remove it, you will have no problem looking at the time.