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Why you should get a smart watch now


A lot of people think that owning a smart watch is a waste. Maybe they’re thinking that they are too expensive compared to the regular wrist watch, but could your wrist watch allow you to answer urgent phone calls when your phone is out of sight? Don’t you think it would make your life easier, especially if the device was hands-free?

What is a Smart Watch?

A smart watch is a wearable computer device which could act as a second cellphone. While most watches would tell you the date and time, the smart watch will be able to read and send messages that connects to your phone, make and receive phone calls, has a calculator, GPS navigation, a rechargeable battery and has a touch-screen exterior for as the face.

You could also listen to music, dictate email, monitor health like heart rate, ask for the weather and could ask a digital assistant a question.

The hands-free experience is supposed to blend into your lifestyle in the simplest way possible.

It can be difficult to see the real use of this growing hype, but the smart watch could fill a lot of needs where people need quick update and timely information.

Not only can professionals benefit the smart watch, but also people, in general, who want to be updated and connected always. Smart watches give access to user’s quick access notifications which a lot of people appreciate.

Here are some benefits and advantages of owning a smart watch

Hands-Free User Experience

Like we said earlier, the main advantage of the smart watch is it allows you to communicate with anybody without using your hands. It is considered less distracting since the user can see for a short time if the notification is important and should be given some of the user’s time or not.

Personal Assistant

Wearing smart watches makes you think you have a personal assistant on your wrist who could speak with the surrounding environment. The PA could even assist in controlling other devices connected to the watch, making the watch seem more essential.

Tracking Your Fitness

There have been so many fitness tracking devices that are being sold on the market. Most of them are not even comfortable to wear, so it is really important you wear and find a comfy one. You can download various applications to your smart watch that could update your health tracker real-time, however, the fitness tracker built in on the smart watch is reliable.

Live Notifications

The main reason why people purchase a smart watch is because it notifies and gives you real-time updates of calls, messages, emails and reminders without picking up a device to check it. All you have to do is tilt your wrist to become face-to-face with the watch, then you will be able to check the notification, saving you plenty of time.

Music Player

Gone are the days of MP3 players and iPods. The music feature in smart watches allows you to listen to music whenever, wherever. You can easily pause, adjust the volume of the music and even skip. It makes listening to music a lot easier.

Instant Navigation

Getting around an unknown city using the smart watch is extremely effortless because it will show you directions especially when and where you should take your next turn.

Social Etiquette

In some situations, checking your vibrating phone for whatever notifications is unacceptable. Having to take out your phone to see how important the message is would sometimes restrict you especially if you’re in an important meeting with a huge DND sign plastered outside the room. With the smart watch, you can easily check what the vibration was about to see it, without taking your phone out. That way, you also get yourself out of trouble from your onlooking boss.

Boarding Passes

Some airports allow the passengers to show their boarding passes that are directly saved in their respective smart watches. It is believed to be beneficial, not only to the airport security, but also the environment because that way, we save trees and papers.

Answering Calls

When it comes to answering calls, smart watches differ. Some allow users to accept and decline calls and have it connected to headphones. It is extremely helpful especially when the user is diving. With just a press of a button, you will be able to answer the call directly. Because of it, the user can easily carry out conversation directly from the device. It is useful especially for quick conversations or when you’re just lazy to pick up your phone.

Saving Smart Phone Battery Life

Owning a smart watch means you could save a lot of battery life of your smart phone. The Bluetooth that connects the watch to the phone consumes just a little amount of battery.

Customizing Your Smart Watch

Unlike regular watches, smart watches can change the face or your screen any day of the week. The smart watch allows you to change your wallpaper today, and then the next one tomorrow and then the day after that, whenever you feel like it.

Smart Watches to Get


The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch (SM-R76ONDAAXAR)

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch (SM-R76ONDAAXAR) would never want you to miss a moment. It connects to your Samsung device via Bluetooth so you could receive texts, emails and notifications without having to reach for your smart phone. The smart watch has a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen bright enough to view whether daytime or night time. The resolution is around 360 x 360 pixels, images that appeared on the screen looked crisp and clear.

It also features a built-in speaker and microphone which allows you to make and answer calls without touching anything.

This specific smart watch is designed for adventure. It will track your location, could stand any weather and many more. The military-grade Gear S3 is made of tough materials which handles multiple elements. It could resist water, dust, high or low temperatures and the intermittent drop

Another feature this watch boasts is that you can make payments with your watch. You certainly don’t need to bring around your wallet with you wherever you go since the S3 Frontier Smart Watch could easily make payments by swiping it or tapping it like a credit card. Best part is you own’t even have to bring your phone with you.

One of its amazing features is the Under Armour Connected Fitness that gives you more fitness tracking options. Choose between MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun or Endomono apps then you will receive free membership. These tools will help you reach your fitness goals.

By turning the bezel, the Samsung S3 could give you easy access to your apps and notifications which can give you instant updates to texts, emails and more. Access the apps you use every day on this Samsung smart watch by catching a ride, checking scores, streaming music and more.

The S Voice cannot answer your sports questions or directions to home when you ask it, but it will surely tell you corny jokes. It could accurately translate voice to text with little to no problem.


Garmin Vivoactive Smart Watch

If you want a cheaper alternative to the Samsung watch, then you’re going to have to check out the Garmin Vivoactive Smart Watch. It’s a good value for money with a full GPS tracking, a great battery life and has a small frame.

It features an ultra-thin sunlight-readable and high-resolution color touch screen with built-in sports apps like GPS-enabled running, biking and golfing, swimming, activity tracking that could be tracked from your phone. It can also pair with your smartphone that vibrates and display alerts whenever you have a call, text, reminder or email.

The watch is designed for fitness freaks. Unlike the Samsung S3, the Vivoactive Smart Watch lacks wealth of apps.

However, the smart watch features excellent battery life, a fitness tracker and a lot more for its charm.

This watch is not going to turn heads, but it has a low-key style that’s slim and slightly similar to runner’s watches. It could even look like it’s an Android watch. Many believe that the Garmin Vivoactive is the cooler cousin of its relatives, but it’s obvious that the watch is for those fitness obsessed watch wearers.

The face of this watch is square with a 204 x 148-pixel LCD panel that is not common on most smart watches.

You can also customize the watch with free face designs, widgets and apps which you can do by connecting to their Connect IQ store.

Not everyone will think that a smart watch is an essential. But for the modern man and women out there, a smart watch is an investment that would effortlessly suit whatever lifestyle you lead. With so many smart watch varieties in the market, you will surely find the right watch for you.

Overall Assessment of Smart Watches

The pros of a smart watch are as follows:
– Easy access to a lot of functions, avoids checking your pocket or bag for the smartphone once you receive a notification.
– Many professionals prefer a smart watch because of the quick notification update.
– With the size and display of most smart watches, you could easily see plenty of information already.
– A smart watch has a speaker and microphone which could make and receive calls on the watch itself.
– Most smart watches have a cellular connection which allows connections to any server around the globe.
– It’s cool to actually own a smart watch. There are so many sport bands and different styles out in the market that are made specifically for smart watches.

The cons of a smart watch are:
– Users of the smart watch might worry about the hardware costs when something happens.
– Battery life could be a big challenge when it comes to concerns to hardware since a bigger battery would be needed for cellular radios and antennas of a standalone smart watch.
– Because the smart watch may need a larger battery, there should be more room for antennas and radio chips that means the watch would need to have a bigger screen big enough to support browsing and video conferencing.
– Size and weight are also factors when it comes to style. Many people compare the size of regular watches and smart watches.

In a generation where everything is almost controlled by technology, it’s safe to say that owning a smart watch is definitely the norm. it’s just the birth of the smart watch today and we’re sure that these huge technology companies will continue to come out with more advanced and enhanced smart watches to fit each person’s lifestyle, just like how the smartphone today. It’s exciting to look forward to the next batch of enhanced smart watches we would see in the future.